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Ayurveda Full Body Massage

There are 4 main parts to an Ayurveda Massage.  These consist of :

1.Marma Points Therapy. Marma points on the body are found in muscle, ligaments, tissue, bone and blood. There are 107.  Pressure is applied on each point which in turn helps to increase circulation of energy and nutrition to the cells in the affected areas. 

2.Garshana treatments consist of a dry lymphatic skin brushing with a silk glove. This "rubbing" increases heat and enhances circulation while exfoliating the skin so subsequent oil and herbal treatments can penetrate deeply into the freshly cleaned pores. This technique also produces static electricity, which alkalizes the blood and detoxifies the body. • 

3.Abhyanga, the classic Ayurvedic massage, is an individually prepared herbal-oil massage designed to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind-body, break up impurities, and stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation, enhancing the delivery of nutrients to starved cells and the removal of stagnant waste. 

4.Vishesh is a deep muscular Ayurvedic massage that breaks up adhesions and comp romised circulation within the muscle spindles. When certain channels are blocked, then neither awareness nor blood can access deeply seated tissues. For certain body types and imbalances, this is an essential therapeutic approach. 

Altogther this full body massage is 90 minutes of pure bliss, relaxation and healing. 

Valuka sweda is another component that can be added into an Ayurveda massage or used as a separated treatment. A combination of herbs , sand and salt are used in a bolus. The bolus is heated and used on the body. Depending upon the  area and need of the individual the bolus massage can be done dry or an oil  application can also be employed.



 Marma Point Therapy $75.00 

 In Ayurveda, Marma points are junctures of bone, muscle, ligament and joints . Gentle pressure and or Massage is applied to these specific  points for pain relief as well overall wellbeing. Together with the Ayurveda massage (which includes dosha specific oils) the massage targets the nervous system and lymph system. 

Ayurveda Individual Wellness plan:   $285.00.  $200.00 past participants 

This unique service is a 30 day individual wellness plan specific to you and your doshas. One on one support throughout the 30 day period. This plan also focused on nutrition, meditation, pranayama and yoga practices, daily routines and more. 

Affective Emotional Release Massage : $80.00

Affective memory massage  is a unique massage targeting points in the body that we tend to suppress emotions.  Many schools or massage believe we store emotions in an area called the mask as well as an area called Body armour,

This massage is not comfortable but effective and can and should be emotional draining. Each individual will be affected in different ways depending upon our life experiences . If  a strong reaction is felt  then it is suggested to repeat in 2 weeks to continue with the emotional release. 

Muscle memory is linked to motor learning which secures a particular motion in memory through repetition, sending a message to the brain along neural pathways. Examples include; typing on a keyboard, using a knife and fork, playing an instrument and martial arts.

It has been suggested that in the same way muscles store this kind of movement through encoding along neural pathways, muscles can store emotion. As emotions are designed to move through your body, issues arise when this is prevented.  

This massage lowers blood pressure and as such a period of rest directly after the massage is necessary.

Ayurveda Reflexology: $45.00 

Ayurveda Full Body Massage : 60 minutes $75.00. 90 minutes  $95.00

Ayurveda Face marma and massage: $55.00 (This treatment is also recommended for anyone with congestion, sinus problems, migraines and anxiety).

Indian Head Massage : $45.00 

Tibetan Shiradhora :   $90.00. 

Griva Abhyangam : $45.00 ( deep tissue massage of neck and shoulder specific)

Bolus , marma and Back Massage: $ 65.00 ( specific to muscle and joint pain or discomfort).

All oils used are certified organic , dosha specific and massage specific based upon the principals of Ayurveda.  

In home massage is available upon request with an additional cost.

To book please contact the studio. A relaxing gift for yourself, significant other or close friend.

Ayurveda Tibetan Shiradhora 

TIBETAN SHIRODHARA: is an 80 minute sequence that brings together four Tibetan massage protocols in a seamless rhythm. It is designed to help balance all the subtle energies of the body or doshas as they are known in Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and to take you on a personal journey into a very peaceful and profoundly deep state of relaxed awareness. It includes some marma point, some areas of tibetan reflexology ,ayurveda massage, shirodhara (using a warm continuous gentle oil on the forehead) and ending with Indian head massage. Shirodhara is a very profound treatment. If you are familiar with chakras, it is, in fact, a chakra treatment, which means it has a powerful impact on our mind and emotions. Tibetan physicians classify Shirodhara as a "psycho-spiritual" massage.