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Ayurveda Full Body Massage

Abyangam Full Body Massage

There are 4 main parts to an Ayurveda Full Body Massage.  These consist of : 1.Marma Points Therapy. Marma points on the body are found in muscle, ligaments, tissue, bone and blood. There are 107.  Pressure is applied on each point which in turn helps to increase circulation of energy and nutrition to the cells in the affected areas.  2.Garshana treatments consist of a dry lymphatic skin brushing with a silk glove. This "rubbing" increases heat and enhances circulation while exfoliating the skin so subsequent oil and herbal treatments can penetrate deeply into the freshly cleaned pores. This technique also produces static electricity, which alkalizes the blood and detoxifies the body. •  3.Abhyanga, the classic Ayurvedic massage, is an individually prepared herbal-oil massage designed to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind-body, break up impurities, and stimulate both arterial and lymphatic circulation, enhancing the delivery of nutrients to starved cells and the removal of stagnant waste.  4. Swedana.  : Steam sauna is employed for this treatment which helps to remove some of the toxic sludge  ( Ama) via our pores.  This full body massage is 90 minutes of pure bliss, relaxation and healing.  Alongside  massage as a relaxing modality, Ayurveda employs massage in the capacity of therapeutics. 

Ayurveda Shiradhora
Ayurveda Shiradhora

Ayurveda Therapies

Ayurveda employs many different modalities together  for specific health issues. 

A massage on its own reduces stress and the end result should leave you relaxed and floating.  If using  massage as a therapy it would mean adding in other modalities to address the problem which in Ayurveda  means  employing 2-4 therapies together in one session. Some therapies are considered balancing while others  are considered purifying. The first therapies are used to soften ama  ( similar to a sticky toxin) and once this has been loosened then we use massage and heat and to move it out.

Some of the therapies below can be used as stand alone practices while others are more effective working in combination. If they are done in combination the cost will be less as they are a combined treatment .

Valuka Swedana : The first therapy makes use of heat called Valuka Sweda. A bolus is filled with a combination of cooked medicated herbs, sand and salt . Think of tenderizing a piece of meat. This treatment loosens up the tissues to relax them. It helps to break down the congested area . This treatment will be done with dry heat or moist oil  depending upon the health issue. It is very effective in loosening constriction. $25.00

Marma Point Therapy: The second treatment is marma point therapy. Similar to acupressure , pressure is applied on certain points found within the body, musculature or ligaments that are associated with the specific problem. If you have carpel tunnel it makes sense from an ayurvedic perspective to address this by using marma therapy on the entire arm , not just the wrist as the belief is our energy is blocked at the wrist due to the original  issue which means circulation is not flowing how it should , which affects above the wrist and below. ,25.00

Vasti:The third is called Vasti. We have heated and relaxed the affected area so now time to draw out. Vasti is a treatment where a dam is made and sealed to the skin similar to joining pie dough. A warm medicated oil is placed in the dam. The oil is replaced when cooled. The oils penetrates in below the skin into the tissue to nourish and draw out . This treatment is wonderful for joint, muscle and circulation issues. $40.00

Ayurveda Massage: Now that the affected area has been tenderizing , opened up, and nourished we can now begin Ayurveda massage to finish the treatment. In addition Ayurveda has an entire toolbox of treatments which may be added or replaced depending on the issue . 

Lepnam: This treatment is a final step . A medicated paste is applied, bandaged and left on for 4-6 hours to allow the properties of the paste to further penetrate and do their work. $35.00


Panda Pinda Swedna

: This treatment is heating and recommended for the winter months. It is a bolus filled with cooked fresh herbal leaves , spices and oils. It is a wet heat treatment due to the oil and makes use of a bolus. $40.00

Akshitapunam;  Treatment for eyes using medicated ghee and a dough dam.  Beneficial  for dry eyes.$35.00

Nasyum: Steam treatment for sinus and upper respiratory problems finishing up with herbal nasya oil. $30.00

Urdwarthan: A dry treatment using medicated powders and herbal flours as a dry rub. Good for cellulite, skin health and improve circulation.$45.00

Tibetan Shirdhora: This massage takes components of marma point, reflexology and ayurveda , shiradhora and ends with a relaxing face massage.  As our minds can become very active the idea in this modality is to calm the entire nervous system, withdraw the senses so when we start Shiradhora, your mind is not going elsewhere.Tibetan Shirodhara makes use of a continuous fine stream of warm oil which poured over the forehead for 10- 20 minutes. The touch of the oil opens marma points on the head that allows the body to sink into a deep state of total mind/body relaxation. This process is said to loosen the subtle energies that twist around the spine. This brings a fresh rested quality to the body and a calm clarity to the mind.

The Shirodhara treatment can evoke an extremely deep relaxing state and have a profound effect on the psyche. It is not uncommon to experience dreamlike states, lights, colors, and/or strong emotions. You may also simply experience lightness, clarity, and sense of open awareness that is both freeing and somewhat magical.

Experiences like these in our mental state can often leave us feeling more open, but also a little more vulnerable. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you free up your day when booking so you can go home and feel and absorb the full effects of this massage.Shirodhara is a very profound treatment. If you are familiar with chakras, it is, in fact, a chakra treatment, which means it has a powerful impact on our mind and emotions. Tibetan physicians classify Shirodhara as a “psycho-spiritual” massage. $95.00 

Shiradhora: Warm oil which flows in a small steady stream to bath the frontal lobe. This can be a stand alone treatment which is combined with massage called Tibetan Shiradhora or can be added with Indian Head Massage.$45.00. 

Swedana: All massages can stand alone or if combined with therapies will have different results. Some therapies combine heat and as such a wonderful treatment after massage is to combine with swedana which is steam massage. This unit is a portable tent that uses steam and herbs to further loosen up tense muscles and allow the oils to penetrate further. Some oils are considered chelating and can help to pull out heavy metals and toxins via the skin. $30.00

Ayurveda Reflexology : Similar to reflexology.$45.oo

Indian Head Massage: A stand alone treatment or done together with a  face massage, nasyam for sinus, colds and foggy brain or with Greeva Abhyangam which incorporates neck and shoulder issues.$45.00

Facial massage specific to sinuses: This treatment combines marma point, facial massage, sinus massage, Indian Head Massage and nasyum. $85.00

Affective memory massage

Affective memory Massage

Emotions have  a powerful effect on our psyches, as well as our bodies. Positive emotions generate a sense of lightness and ease of movement. They can manifest as a desire to run, sing, smile and even dance. Negative emotions also generate body responses. They cause our shoulders to slump, our muscles to contract and our blood pressure to rise. 

The negative emotions that become lodged in the tissues are the culprit in many cases of emotion-generated ailments. Emotions are designed to move through the body. When someone tells you a joke, your natural tendency is to laugh. The feeling it generates eventually moves through your body and out via the diaphragm and vocal chords. In the same way, if you stub your toe, you might experience a flash of anger and then curse or pound your fists into a pillow. These are all natural responses that allow emotions to effectively move through and then out of your body. 

Negative emotions aren't as welcome as positive emotions. When we experience sadness, anger, resentment, loneliness or sorrow, we feel it deeply. And because it hurts, we sometimes suppress those parts of ourselves to keep the pain from intensifying or spreading. Imbalances often occur when we resist an emotion and its natural path through the body. Resistance can cause an emotion to lock into body tissue, eventually leading to physical ailments.

Trapped emotions often are the underlying cause. We can locate the emotions when we encounter areas of the body so tight that the energy  can not flow causing constriction and eventually pain in the affected area.

These restricted flow patterns indicate an imbalance that the body needs help dealing with. Often, simply placing your hands there begins a natural process that releases the emotion. We do this naturally when we bang our elbow our natural reaction is to hold that body part.

Intellectually, we also might be curious to learn which emotion has created the disharmony. There certainly are times when an emotion will manifest or even declare itself. But what we are seeking is the release of the held emotion, not its identity.

This massage works upon certain points in the body where we mask our emotions such as in the face and head and those lower down in our body armour.  Contact the studio for more information $65.00

Ayurveda Tibetan Shiradhora 

TIBETAN SHIRODHARA: is an 80 minute sequence that brings together four Tibetan massage protocols in a seamless rhythm. It is designed to help balance all the subtle energies of the body or doshas as they are known in Ayurveda – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and to take you on a personal journey into a very peaceful and profoundly deep state of relaxed awareness. It includes some marma point, some areas of tibetan reflexology ,ayurveda massage, shirodhara (using a warm continuous gentle oil on the forehead) and ending with Indian head massage. Shirodhara is a very profound treatment. If you are familiar with chakras, it is, in fact, a chakra treatment, which means it has a powerful impact on our mind and emotions. Tibetan physicians classify Shirodhara as a "psycho-spiritual" massage.

Cost: $90.00

Ayurveda Therapies

Ayurveda therapies are usually done in stages and recommended to be repeated depending upon the health issue, chronic or acute also leaving time for healing and nourishing. All therapies require a consult prior so the therapy can be properly explained in order to meet the clients expectations. Different diseases and conditions require different treatments . As these are all individual  protocols the treatments are dosha specific and priced accordingly after the consult as more then one will be employed. 

Booking Appointments 

For more information on any of the above modalities or to enquire about availability, please contact the studio :



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