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Ayurveda massage and Body Therapies

100 Hour Certification Program

 Our newest certification program will commence again January 2021. This 100 or 200 hour certification program will consist of in studio study, home study and practical case studies. Ayurveda is the other half of the yoga circle. They are not separate and as such  they both hold equal value at the studio. This program is a great addition to any one with a background  in massage and or any healing modalities and can be used in a home, or spa setting. It is a perfect accompaniment for yoga teachers and those interested in furthering their studies in health.  Our program will introduce some basic Philosophies and history of Ayurveda.  We will explore the concepts of Prakruti, vikruti, and the doshas . We will tie this into yoga, pranayama and meditation practices. We will delve into the subdoshas, gunas and agni. Aromatherapy focused on doshas specific oil and essential oils.  Massages will be introduced in practical on hands sessions. You will learn, Ayurveda Full Body massage, Marma Point Therapy, Indian head Massage, Ayurveda reflexology and more. For those going on to complete 200 hours, the   second part of the program will take place in Rishekesh India . We will be partnering with Ayuskama Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. This certification program will give you the title of Ayurveda Therapist upon successful completion. Dr. Vinod Kumar will lead this portion of the program in a residential intensive 2 week program.  This 100 hour program is certified under the Canadian Yoga Alliance and the 100 hours can go towards continuing education. Syllabus is ready so please contact the studio for further information. Ayurveda , massage and modalities is a Level 1 course. Those who pass the final exam may go on to our level 2 training. Please contact the studio ( Leanne Hart) for more in depth informationWe are full for 2020. Those interested may enquire for 2021.

Ayurveda Certificate
Ayurveda Certificate
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