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Y Knot Unwind Studio:     Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage



What is Ayurveda?

 Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. It is known as " the science of life". This Indian health modality has been practiced in India for centuries. According to Ayurveda,  we are each born with a unique nature. If we live according to our nature we will live a healthy life. We have the ability to keep ourselves healthy and grounded by the life choices we make if we live paying attention to our bodies. What is medicine for someone can be poison for another. Unlike allopathic medicine, ayurveda treats each illness individually according to your constitution or Prakriti. If your life is unbalanced it will affect your health. Ayurveda puts your health and responsibility back into your hands and it is up to you to eat and live accordingly.

Ayurveda is the art of healthy living supporting a person to create harmony in mind, body, senses and spirit. The basic premise of Ayurveda is the concept that our innate intelligence of the body, our own wisdom is capable of taking charge and healing. It is a holistic system that uses a constitutional model. Our aim in our workshops ,  community challenge and individual wellness plans is to provide guidance regarding food, and lifestyle specific to the individual person so that healthy people can stay healthy and those with health challenges can improve.  I truly believe if we have the ability to make ourselves unhealthy then we also must have the ability to stay well and improve our health. 

Ayurveda Wellness Challenge

In Ayurveda the seasons are very important. If you notice the way nature works during the seasons you realize that what is nutritious in the winter  is different in the spring. The microbes in the soil change with each season as do our gut microbes. If we really listen to our innate nature our bodies are telling us what they need. When we go off this path then it affects our health. 

The studio offers a  30 day program  that coincides with the changing seasons.  The program is based on the concepts of Ayurveda and as such my  program is individual to each participant. When our constitution is out of balance the result is inflammation and disease.

The studio offers 2 wellness programs that coincide with the season of spring and again in the fall. The spring is a time of renewal while the fall challenge is more nourishing and introspective to set us up for the colder months ahead.

This Spring  program starts with a consult service that helps me put  together a 30 day program for your unique constitution. This includes: 

  • Nutrition and diet plan for 30 days
  • Shopping list of foods for the spring season or fall seasons
  • 2 private consultation sessions.
  • Gradual reduction of sugars and processed foods
  • Introduction of natural herbs and teas to support health
  • Personalized yoga plan, one new each week
  • Personalized meditation program, one new each week
  • Personalized pranayama or breathing techniques dependent on what you need each week.
  • Personal and peer support as you join others on this 30 day wellness program 
  • Unlimited yoga and meditation classes at the studio for 30 days
  • Weekly recipes and tips to support healthy eating choices.
  • Programs to implement daily in the morning and bedtime routines to support deep sleep.
  • Reading materials.
The fall wellness program is based upon the concepts of rejuvenation . Fall is the time to prepare ourselves for the transition into winter. This can be a challenging time for many. Using the 3 dynamic wisdoms of psychology , ayurveda and yoga we can put into motion a nurturing individual plan addressing wellness, security and nurturing for the shorter cooler days coming.
Please contact me for any futher questions or to book an appointment . Due to the interest in this program we will be offering this as an individual wellness plan which can be booked at any time. Together we can support each other for positive healthy lifestyle changes that will promote overall health,  mind, body and spirit.

In Ayurveda November is the first month of winter. In October our bodies were transitioning from the heat of summer into the cold and windy month starting now. Nights are longer and days shorter. Science also comfirms that our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems increase. Enzymes also increase in the digestive tract for winter months that is why we are hungrier in colder months and our appetites are not as strong in the summer months. Our circadian rhythm change as our bodies need more sleep and  rest.  Our choice of foods that we eat in cooler months should also change. Think warm, grounding , stews and soup, beans and grains. Watch the video to gain a better 

understanding of Ayurveda and diet.

 Dinacharya is a healthy morning routine employed upon rising. It consists of cleansing techniques, oil massages, nasal  cleansing  to name a few. A wonderful daily self care routine that pays homage to the temple we live in. Dry brushing helps to buff the skin of dead layers of cells that have accumulated , move the lymph and help circulation. Oiling nourishes our largest organ so make sure your oil is organic and right for your dosha. Warm water with lemon helps stimulate your digestion after a long night of rest. Nasal cleansing cleans the nasal passage of bacteria and dirt.  Nasaya oil helps keep the nasal passages lubricated so they can adequately filter the air that we breath.

A meditation,  pranayama and yoga routine is a great way to start your day.  Each day you have the opportunity to start a new and what better way then to introduce a dinacharya routine into your life.

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