Y Knot Unwind Studio:     Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage


Who am I?

Leanne Hart

I  believe in the all over benefits a yoga practice can have on one's physical, spiritual and mental health. Yoga has taught me many things about myself and allowed me room to grow on my own terms. It is about creating time and space for ourselves and really tuning in to our individual needs.  Being satisfied with our lives without the added but or ifs so inner contenment. Remembering in part that our spirit needs a healthy body to live in.

I am a certified yoga , pranayam and meditation teacher in the Hatha tradition and teach various styles of yoga. My yoga certification and education began through programs in the Canada, the  U.S. and has evolved into continuous learning  and certification programs over the last years at home in Canada as well as learning in India, Peru and Mexico.  I believe part of teaching is being a student of yoga, so updating my knowledge base from all areas that surround yoga contributes to my skills as an effective teacher.  

  I teach to people of all abilities regardless of health or mobility . I am also certified in aromatherapy  and massage, marma point therapy and Ayurveda massage , Indian Head Massage and reflexology, Tibetan Shiradhora ,meditation , nada yoga , kundalini yoga  and various aspects of Ayurveda Therapies

Ayurveda is also an equally important component at my studio for personal and teaching purposes. Ayurveda  is known as the sister science of yoga and an alternative health  modality. Ayurveda is a wellness lifestyle that I try to implement in my daily routines, diet and teachings.

I have been fortunate enough to share and teach at various studios, schools and senior centers throughout the Niagara, Haldimand and Peel regions as well as Laos,  Sri Lanka, Nepal , India , Boliva and Peru.

Yoga is a starting point on the way to a healthier lifestyle for any person regardless of shape, size or ability.  It is an individual journey with personal goals, challenges and successes. Together we can achieve whatever we set our minds to!