Yoga Schedule

       Y Knot Unwind Weekly Schedule

Week of March 24,  2019
Private and group bookings available

Sunday: Massage clinic

  • 9 : 00 am. Meditation
  • 10:30 am. Gentle Aerial/ Hatha mix  Class is full
  • 7 :00 pm.  Hatha Yoga ( for the month of April we will doing yoga for our Doshas )
  •  8:30.   Sun Salutations
  • 10:30.  Yin yoga, meditation and pranayama    
  • 7 :00.   Private class
  • 10 am.     Hatha Class   
  • 11:30       Aerial class 2 Spots
  • 7:00 pm   Hatha-Aerial mix  ( gentle) Class is full 
  •   10 am    Gentle  Hatha  /Aerial Mix One Spot
  •    5:30.     Hatha / Aerial mix  One spot
  •   7. pm.    Aerial yoga   Class is full
  • 8:30 am Budokon Yoga
  • 10- 5:00 Open for Ayurveda massage,  Indian Head Massage, Marma Point Therapy , Bolus Massage, reflexology and Ayurveda Consult.
  • 8:30 am.    Hatha yoga
  • 10:00 am.  Aerial yoga gentle. 1 Spot

                         ****All Aerial yoga classes must be booked one day in advance****

    Some class times are flexible. If your schedule dictates a different class time contact me to see how we can work together to fit a class with your schedule .Get some friends together and lets discuss doing  a private class series..( minimum of 4 people).

    If you can not make your scheduled class please notify me in advance. In the case of Aerial Yoga please notify me within 12 hours otherwise you will be charged for the class. ( There are a limited amount of silks and many weeks I have  a waiting list .)

     Helpful Hints

    • Do not do yoga on a full stomach
    • Check with your health practitioner prior to starting any exercise program 
    • Please respect the yoga space and other students by muting or turning off all cellphones.
    • Everyone has a different starting point. Be aware of yours and never push your bodies limits to the point of pain. 


    If you are new to yoga please contact me to set up a private complimentary class to explore which yoga style and class would best suit your needs.