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Y Knot Unwind Studio:     Yoga, Ayurveda and Massage


Yoga Styles and class descriptions


Hatha refers to any style of yoga that involves poses or asanas. We offer a wide range of classes to suit individual  needs and goals. Each class is designed to be unique and fresh.  Some classes are more challenging and geared to students with some yoga experience . Other classes  focus on breathwork, meditation and   postures designed to stretch and strengthen specific areas of the body.

Gentle Hatha/ Aerial  Mix

This class has been the most popular yoga at the studio for those over 50. The aerial silks also give you support and are excellent for anyone who has knee issues, hip or back concerns.  In this class we combine all three aspects of yoga using support appropriate to you and your body.

Aerial Yoga 

This style of yoga uses silks to enhance yoga. The silks support your body in ways that a floor can not. It is a wonderfully relaxing environment in which to meditate and is supportive for safely stretching and performing asana practice. This type of yoga is new to the Haldimand area. Please wear tshirts with sleeves that cover the armpits and yoga pants that are no shorter then the knees. The yoga silks can cause friction between the silks and bare skin. All jewelry should be removed to prevent it getting caught up in the silks. 

Yoga for chronic pain
Yoga for chronic pain

Meditation,  Breathing, Shatkarma 

These 3 areas are the most important practices we can employ to ensure better brain and body health. Meditation is directly linked to increased function of the grey matter of the brain as well as focus, memory, lowering of  blood pressure and beneficial to those whom have issues with  anxiety and insomnia. Each week's focus will be on a different style of meditation and the science behind the positive changes in the brain .

Breathing properly affects our health, immune and digestive systems as well as our parasympathetic nervous system. We will explore breathing techniques ( pranayama) that will help support us to be our healthiest version of ourselves.

Shatkarma is a way that we can help cleanse our inner and outer body with simple practices such as jali neti, pranayamas as well as self massage. All areas will be explored and introduced in class.

Budokan Yoga Style

This flowing style of yoga is based on a style of yoga developed by Cameron Shayne.
The circular aspects of martial arts are melded with the linear direction of yoga.
What you end up with is a beautiful dance of yoga asana. It is recommended for people who want a vigorous  style of yoga

 Outdoor Yoga

In warmer weather we make use of our outdoor  yoga deck  surrounded by the beautiful scenary that nature has provided.

In the evenings we access the outdoor pavilion bathed by the light and  the warmth from our  stone fireplace. 

All are weather dependent.

 This style of Kundalini yoga originated in India . Kundalini yoga is a style of yoga that uses our breath, movement , mantras and mudras in class. It is a more spiritual type of yoga not focused on any   religion but on whatever your higher power or belief sytem is. The poses are not the same as in a regular hatha class. We focus on the spine as it connects our nervous system and endocrine system. This style of yoga can be energizing, heating yet  calming with breathing specific exercises to maintain focus and generate heat and movement of energy. It is about delving a bit deeper into our selves and truly connecting body, mind and spirit."

Nada Yoga

Nada yoga is the relationship between sound and yoga. We make use of instruments,  our voice, mantra and chanting. Yoga is about union of  the outer body with the inner body. Sound is a bridge that makes this happen.
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